The Moodubelle Fernandes Prabhu family is a Mangalorean Catholic clan that traces it's roots to Moodubelle (Belle) in the Udupi district. They are the progeny of Sebastian Fernandes (born in 1800), who in common with most of his contemporaries in the Mangalorean Catholic community of that time, was an agriculturist.[1]

According to his descendants Paul Fernandes and Fr. Lawrence Fernandes, the ancestors of Sebastian Fernandes emigrated from Goa to the coastal Karnataka region during the 17th century, on account of the prevailing political and religious tensions in Goa.[1] Nothing is known about Sebastian's parents.[1] However, oral tradition has it that his parents moved to Moodubelle from Barkur.[1] There, the Fernandeses took agriculture as their main profession.[1]

Sebastian had four sons: Simon (born in 1825), Michael (born in 1826), Dominic (born in 1827) and Francis (born in 1828). With the exception of the eldest son, Simon who remained in Moodubelle, the remaining brothers went on to settle in different towns. Michael settled down in Kallianpur, Dominic settled down in Shirva, and Francis settled down in Kalathur.[2]

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