Mangalorean Catholic Konkani is a dialect of Konkani, spoken by Mangalorean Catholics, which the Ethnologue, a Christian linguistic service organization, broadly identifies as the "Mangalore Standard Konkani (Goan)" dialect.[1] 350–400 Portuguese lexical items are found in the dialect.[2] The dialect is literary similar to the 18th century North Goan Barhdexi dialect.[3]

Influence of PortugueseEdit

Portuguese influence is found in the Mangalorean Catholic dialect, with around 350–400 Portuguese lexical items being found in the dialect. More than half of them are related to religious terminology. The influence of Portuguese syntax is found only in some sets of phrases and prayers which have come down from Old Konkani times. The number of Portuguese lexical terms is also considerable although not as large as religious terms.[2]


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