The Makhale Lobo Prabhu family is a Mangalorean Catholic clan that has it's roots in Makhale, Cordel Parish, Mangalore. The clan traces it's descent to Peter Lobo Prabhu (born in 1760). Peter was born in the village of Omzoor, where his father was a local chieftain. According to family legend, Peter and his father escaped the Seringapatam captivity and were engaged in espionage activities for the British against Tipu Sultan. After Mangalore was released, Peter settled down in Makhale.[1]

Peter Lobo Prabhu had eight children: Dulcina Juliana, Sebastiana, Lucia, Felipa Joanna, Matthias, Christopher, Salvador and Lawrence.[1]


Name Born Died Remarks
Michael Lobo 1953 Eminent genealogist on the Mangalorean Catholic community.


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