The Kulshekar Gonsalves Prabhu family is a Mangalorean Catholic clan that has it's roots in the Kulshekar locality of Mangalore.

Their earliest known ancestor is Salvador Gonsalves, whose father immigrated with his three brothers from Goa in 1700.[1]

The names of the ancestors who preceded Salvador Gonsalves are unknown.[1]

The Gonsalves Prabhu clan originated in Sirodiam or Sirodao, which is the very first village in the Bardez taluka, North Goa. They were Goud Saraswat Brahmins before their conversion to Roman Catholicism by the Dominican and Fransiscan missionaries in 1560.[1]

The Gonsalves Prabhu were ganvkars (landed proprietors) in the village and hence, belonged to the class of aristocratic families. As such, they were entitled to collect zonn (income from the land) as well as the right to vote, among other rights.[1]

The clan immigrated to South Canara in 1700, due to overcrowding in Goa and the hostile Maratha incursions under Sambhaji, who viewed the Goan Catholics as having close relations with the foreign Portuguese.[1]

It is supposed that 4 brothers must have migrated from Goa. One settled at Kulshekar, two at Kadri, a suburb of the Mangalore town and the fourth at Modanthar, some miles off eastward of Bantwal.[1]

This clan is closely related to the Gonsalves Prabhu clan of Dongarkeri, as Salvador Gonsalves was the brother or cousin of the latter clan's progenitor, Nicholas Gonsalves.[1]


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