Kilye_Pereira_Prabhu_Family Edit

is a Mangalorean Catholic clan native to KIlye, a locality near to neermarga on the outskirts of mangalore. The origins of this clan is unclear but some of the descendants claim that they are originally from divade(divar) in the Tiswadi province of goa.

The earliest records of this family indicate that one Francis Pereira Prabhu moved from bantwal and settled in kilaye which was inder the omzoor parish in the early 1800's.

He had a son Domingo Rosario Pereira Prabhu (d 27-10-1944) who was married to Angeline Pinto from conur near Padil.

Their children were

1) Isabelle (b 1876)

2) Joachim Michael (1879-1964)

3) Juanna (b1882)

4) Rita (b1884)

5) Helen/Elaine (b1886)

6) Juliana (b1898)

7) Gregory (b 1890)

8) Martha (b 1894)

9) Rachael (b 1898)

10) Joseph Santan (b 1902)