Kazar (film) poster
Theatrical release poster

Directed by

Richard Castelino[1]

Produced by

Frank Fernandes[1]

Written by

Richard Castelino[1]


Larry Fernandes[1]
Harshita Poonacha[1]

Release date

27 November 2009[2]

Running time

120 minutes[3]



Kazar (Marriage) is a 2009 Konkani film directed by Richard Castelino and produced by Frank Fernandes. It stars Larry Fernandes and Harshita Poonacha.[1] Larry stars in the movie as a NRI boy, who comes back to Mangalore to get married, while Harshita plays the role of his bride.

The movie initially scheduled to be released on 9 September 2009, was delayed by two months, and finally released on 27 November 2009.


The story is woven around family and social values, which portrays the importance of family stability and vows of marriage and its importance to the society.[3] It is about a young couple and their weddings, and traditional Catholic marriage rituals such as Engagement and Roce.[4] Larry Fernandes stars in the movie as a NRI boy from Dubai, who comes back to Mangalore to get married. After marriage, he faces resistance from his bride (Harshita Poonacha) for his move to return to Dubai.[5]


Actor/Actress Role
Larry Fernandes The NRI boy from Dubai
Harshita PoonachaHis wife
Savio Monteiro


Daijiworld Media (Mangalore), the official International Media Partner for the movie, was instrumental in providing world-wide publicity coverage for the movie.[6]


Larry Fernandes had difficulties in facing the camera for the first time, but got used to it within a few days after support from his team. Larry lost 15 kilograms (33 lb) weight in less than two months with a strict diet and regular exercises. Coorgi actress Harshita Poonacha plays the lead role opposite Larry. Unlike Larry, Poonacha has already acted in lead roles in two Kannada movies.[5]


Larry Fernandes (screenshot from Kazar)

A screenshot of the movie

The movie has been shot at various locations such as Mangalore (Mangalore International Airport - Bajpe, Someshwar Beach, and Pilikula Nisargadhama), Madikeri (Chomakudru and King's Cottage), Goan beaches (especially Dona-Paula), and Karwar.[7] The film was completed in May 2009,[3] and was initially scheduled to be released on 9 September 2009.[7] Events such as cricket matches in 2009 and several other factors prevented an early release of the movie. The crew also wanted to release the movie in a good theater, due to the limited audience for regional movies.[7] It got the Censor Board approval in November 2009.[3] The movie had some glitches. In some scenes, the top portion of the scene including that of actors was chopped off, reflecting the lack of professionalism in the work. Song pasteurization was adequate but again in patches.[4]

Sound Edit

The movie has five songs.[2] Aloysius Paul D'Souza, Bishop of Mangalore, released the audio CD of the movie on 17 September 2009 at Don Bosco Hall (Mangalore), while the audio cassettes were released by Kundapur Narayana Kharvi, chairman of Konkani Sahitya Academy. The audio has been brought out to the market by Julcas Audio International Corporation. The music has been composed by Wilfy Rebimbus, Ragdev, and Vijaybharathi.[8] Background music has been composed by Bharati Das, and lyrics by Wilfy Rebimbus and Mick Max.[1] The playback singers include Radhika Menon, Hemanth, and Rony Crasta. [3]

Release and receptionEdit

The movie was simultaneously released at Adlab's Big Cinemas in Bharat Mall (Mangalore) and Udupi's Alankar theatre on 27 November 2009.[2]

Social films like the Kazar was the need of the day as they portray the family bonding. Films should send happy vibes into the society by keeping the faith as well as the morals of the society.

–Bishop Aloysius Paul D'Souza during the blessing of the first show at Adlab's Big Cinemas in Bharat Mall (Mangalore)


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