There have been 33 dramas and skits written by Lancy Pinto Nayak, a Konkani novelist, playwright, and activist, as of 2009. He has won prizes and awards for eight of them.

Name of the Drama/Skit English translation Prizes and awards
Kuthanv ani Bhutanv *Won a prize from the Konkani Bhasha Mandal (Bombay) in 1976
Airik Soirik Wedding proposal to Airie *Best Script Prize from Kala Sampath (Mangalore) in 1981
*Best Script Prize at the Inter Parish Competition of Drama held in 1983 presented by the Kulshekar Parish (Mangalore)
* Dr. T.M.A. PAI Foundation Book Award in 1997
*Karnataka Konkani Sahithya Academy Award in 1995 – 97.
Sagorathlo Pagor Wall in the Ocean *Best Story and other prizes from Kala Sampath, Mangalore for Inter Parish Drama Competition held in 1983, presented by Kulshekar Parishioners, Mangalore
Kornelacho Mendu Colonel’s Brains Won prize from the Konkani Natak Sabha, Mangalore for Drama Script Writing Competition.