A Genealogical Encyclopaedia of Mangalorean Catholic Families is a research project undertaken by Michael Lobo on the genealogy of the Mangalorean Catholic community. According to Lobo, it is the only work of its kind in existence.[1]


Lobo's extensive research on the project began with his personal desire to create something of lasting worth.[2]


During 1994-95, Lobo was involved, on a full-time basis, on a research project on the history and genealogy of the Catholic community of Mangalore. He copied almost every 19th century baptismal, marriage and death record he could locate at Rosario Cathedral and Milagres Church, cataloguing them according to surnames. Lobo initially experienced difficulties in the project since only the baptismal registers were maintained in reasonably good condition, while large sections of the marriage and death registers were missing, and it was not feasible to build the genealogy of any family on the basis of baptismal records alone. However, he had access to other sources of information on the major families, such as the Vas Naiks of Falnir, the Mascarenhases of Falnir, and the Fernandeses of Thonse. There were also unpublished genealogies of various other families, most of them written by Mangalorean genealogists Rao Saheb Francis Lobo and Marian Saldanha. Lobo also conducted personal interviews with many Mangalorean Catholics, who have settled in Bangalore, Bombay, Madras, and various other parts of India and abroad.[2]

The project took shape as : A Genealogical Encyclopaedia of Mangalorean Catholic Families.[1]


Although the major work is still unfinished, three offshoots have thus far been launched. They are Mangaloreans Worldwide - An International Directory (1999), Distinguished Mangalorean Catholics (2000), and The Mangalorean Catholic Community - A Professional History / Directory (2002).[1]


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